When you’re pushing your limits, you need products that take performance just as seriously as you do. We’re here to help. Our mission is simple: to cut through the noise and find the best training accessories for every session. Working with some of the top athletes at the most elite gyms in the country, we’re putting the top training accessories on the market through the wringer to identify the products that truly stand above the rest. Everything we recommend has been thoroughly tested and vetted so you can focus on what matters: putting in the work.

Our Testing Process



We get feedback from thousands of customers to identify the broadest set of accessories used by athletes like you.



Working with some of the best gyms in the country, we assemble teams of top athletes to test the hell out of the identified products.



There can be only one winner for each category of products. After thousands of reps and countless hours of work, our athlete team determines which products excel under pressure – and which fall flat.

Why You Can Trust Us

We don’t BS. We're completely unbiased, and there’s no agenda. We listened to what you wanted, and we recruited top athletes to put gear to the test. By relying on feedback from thousands of customers like you and working with some of the country’s top athletes to put each product through a brutal battery of tests, we didn’t leave a stone unturned in making sure that we’re giving you unbiased feedback on the gear you need.

Our Testers



Chesapeke, VA

CrossFit Games Champion Ben Smith opened CrossFit Krypton in Chesapeake, VA In 2012. The ten-time CrossFit Games competitor designed Krypton to program for elite competitors but still scale to the needs of passionate athletes of every level. For this reason, Krypton calls itself an elite gym of athletes, not a gym of elite athletes.


Adam Klink, Dane Smith, Tom Campbell, Josh Vales, Joaquin Schumacher, David Jones, Kevin Brain, Sam Baiano, Tyler Perry


New York, NY

Revered as the CrossFit Box reimagined, WillyB Fitness is the mecca for fitness in New York City for athletes looking for diversity in their training. With state of the art equipment and high-caliber group fitness classes ranging from CrossFit to mobility and Olympic weightlifting, WillyB programming is designed to advance your technique, build your strength and increase your speed.


Jared Stein, Stephen Orr, Chris Olsen, Luke Tedaldi, Rafael Contreras, Matt Dinowitz, Grig Mindlin, Raffello Van Cooten, Cavan Valance, Steve Reyes


Salt Lake City, UT

Utah’s elite facility for CrossFit and functional fitness, CrossFit EMC provides individualized functional movement and nutrition training for top tier athletes of all kinds. Coaches continuously assess progress and customize programming to optimize their students' physical fitness, thus resulting in improved health, better performance and increased function.


Keenan Kelsey, Allan Hartman, Chris Holt, Aditya Desai, Alex Hartman, Shayne Denihan, Carlos Gibson, Corey Shimada, Zach Boesen, Madison Perkins


Santa Monica, CA

Founded by two Navy SEALs and longtime CrossFitters, CFSM specializes in high-intensity strength and conditioning programming. Based on the founders' military experience, all aspects of the CrossFit Santa Monica program are designed to help their athletes attain the highest levels performance, both physical and mental.


Miles Booth, Pearce Cucchissi, Andy Burnes, Benjamin Keiser, Tom Aceto, Paul Thoma, Joe Nesbitt, Matthew Bamford, Brian Leon, Matthew Wyman, Carter Gaffney


Boulder, CO

Co-founded by current CEO of CrossFit Inc. Eric Roza, Sanitas breeds results for the elite while remaining accessible to all. It has been voted the Best CrossFit gym in Boulder every year since 2016, and it has made multiple top five lists of the best CrossFit gyms in the U.S. This top-ranked gym still customizes every workout for every level of athlete, whether you're entirely new to working out or a high level competitor looking for competition preparation.


Dwight Upshaw, Rory Korpela, Alex Detweiler, Riley McNamara, Ryan Contillo, Patrick Rios, Kyle Doman, Carlos Sepulveda, Thomas Vondra, Robert Wagner

Featured: Wrist Wraps

Rogue Wraps provide a streamlined, easy-to-adjust alternative to bulkier wrist wraps. Our team of athletes loved the simple twist-tight design for fast, custom adjustments. Instead of repeatedly wrapping and unwrapping your wrists between movements, you can tighten the material for extra support on heavier lifts, then loosen it for a little more range of motion on the next.


Only you know the training accessories that you want us to put through the wringer. Take the survey below to let us know what you want us to test next. We’ll use your feedback to shape our next round of testing.