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It’s way too hard to find a perfect pair of workout shorts.

No BS. No gimmicks. No endless scrolling through indistinguishable products. We pared back our line to just the essentials, creating a system of gear that’s perfectly designed for all the ways you train.


We removed the wholesale middle man to deliver premium fabrics, trims, and techniques direct to you, at a cost you can afford.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

We simplified everything to provide three premium shorts that perfectly cover all the ways you train — one built for versatility, another for durability, and one for superlight unencumbered performance.

No BS.
No Gimmicks.

Gear can’t make you a better athlete or a better person. Only you make you better. So instead of chasing fads we invite you to come back to the essentials; classic quality and technical mastery for the best gear possible.

Optimized for you

We’re all different — from how we train to how we like our clothes to fit and feel. By incorporating smart fit and feature options into everything we build, you get the perfect gear for your needs.

Reliable and repeatable

We always hated when a good pair of shorts was suddenly discontinued, so we committed to delivering a focused range of timeless styles that can be improved upon over time. The only thing as reliable as our quality is our commitment to total transparency as we continuously improve upon our designs.

Ten Thousand represents a stoic dedication to continuous improvement. Every day faster, every day stronger, every day better than yesterday.

We don’t believe in overnight success, miracle drugs, cure-alls, quick-fixes or short-cuts. We believe in works in progress. We believe in the value of our failures. We believe in dusting off, and getting back up. We believe in grit, tenacity and grinding. 

We know that there are no flashbulbs at the end of our runs and no microphones waiting to be shoved in our faces after a set. All that awaits is another mile, another rep, another shot at your personal best and eventually, a better, stronger you.


hours makes a master.


miles builds character.


feet up yields a new perspective.