Speed Rope

Why You Need Them

The premise of the speed rope is straightforward: it accomplishes higher volumes of the high-skilled and more technical variations of traditional one-jump skip movements, quicker. To ensure speed and efficiency through technical movements, speed ropes are constructed from high-quality cable and designed with premium ball bearings in the handles to ensure they spin much faster than PVC, leather or beaded ropes. As such, if you’re looking to perfect the double under, look no further than the speed rope.

RPM Session Rope


RPM’s strongest rope to date, the Session Rope’s patented dual-axis rotation handles and durable coated cable provide maximum versatility and precision. While some testers didn’t like that adjusting its length was a difficult process, our testers loved both the rope’s technical and aesthetic features: they felt it was the perfect balance of speed and weight, had a superior hand-feel, and was extremely well-designed.



We Also Tested

Crossrope Get Strong

A comfortable grip and easy-to-change rope weights couldn’t make up for a crucial flaw: that the rope caught on the ball bearings for some testers.

RX Smart Gear Original Speed Rope

Our testers were turned off by its relatively slow pace, lack of adjustability, and the handles’ heaviness.

Rogue SR-1F Speed Rope

While our testers commended the high-precision bearing system, their takeaway was simple: it was simply too bulky.

Why You Can Trust Us


We don’t BS. We're completely unbiased, and there’s no agenda. We listened to what you wanted, and we recruited top athletes to put gear to the test. By relying on feedback from thousands of customers like you and working with some of the country’s top athletes to put each product through a brutal battery of tests, we didn’t leave a stone unturned in making sure that we’re giving you unbiased feedback on the gear you need.



reps to find the best speed rope on the market


Our testers put the speed ropes to the test and through the following workouts:

Single Unders

Tested to evaluate the weight and handfeel of the rope during slower revolutions.

Double Unders

Tested to evaluate the weight, handfeel and quickness of the rope during faster revolutions.



was the most important factor when evaluating and ranking the different speed ropes.

Ball bearing construction quality

was the key functionality differentiator that put RPM on top.

Why Our Testers Loved
The RPM Session Rope:

“The RPM rope is the best looking, the best feeling in the hands, and in my opinion performed the best. The handles are light and the cord is even lighter. This allowed for minimal effort when pushing for bigger sets of double-unders.”

- Patrick Rios

“The RPM rope felt better in the hand and the rope was fast without being too light.”

- Rafael Contreras

“This rope seemed to have the most design work that went into it. Very clean, well thought out design, and lightweight wire and bearings.”

- Kyle Doman

“Loved the speed of the rope, it was great for controlling the reps. The handles felt good and I do like the wire and bearing significantly more than the others.”

- Shayne Denihan


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