Designed and tested in collaboration with members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces, the Tactical Short represents the ultimate combination of durability, mobility, and versatility. Perfected through intense field testing by elite operators across all branches of the military, the Tactical Short was created to withstand the demanding and ever-changing requirements of military fitness. Ready to take on anything, from long rucks to hard gym sessions, the Tactical Short has been built for men who take their training extremely seriously.

Tactical Short


A high-performance training short inspired by, built for, and co-created by members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces. Vetted through countless hours of operational testing and evaluation, the Tactical Short is loaded with the features and functionality to go anywhere with total confidence.


  • Ultra light and durable ripstop shell fabric for ultimate versatility
  • Super tough waistband to hold up in all rucking and training sessions
  • Quick-drying fabrics and closeable side pockets for seamless transition in and out of water
  • Every Session Carry pocket system for secure storage of your essentials
  • Optional built-in medium compression liner with permanent anti-odor treatment
  • Side slit for complete mobility
  • Available in 5” and 7” inseams

Tech specs

  • 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex
  • 139 GSM
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Developed & Tested by Core Athletes


The Tactical Short was born out of a desire to meet the training needs of the most elite members of the Armed Forces. To accomplish this, we worked with individuals from special ops teams across all branches of the military: Navy SEALs, Navy EOD, Marine Raiders, Army Green Berets, Army Rangers, and Air Force Special Operations.

An operation this ambitious requires leaders. Our advisory board is comprised of the best of the best of these groups. These tremendous individuals helped guide everything in the project — initial concepting, prototype evaluations, wear testing parameters and team selection — and led us and the rest of the tactical team to a final product worthy of the men for whom it was created.

Leif Babin

Leif Babin is a former U.S. Navy SEAL officer, co-author of #1 New York Times bestseller Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, and President/Chief Operating Officer of elite leadership development training organization Echelon Front. As a SEAL platoon commander in SEAL Team Three’s Task Unit Bruiser – which became the most highly decorated special operations unit of the Iraq War – he planned and led major combat operations in the Battle of Ramadi that helped the “Ready First” Brigade of the US Army’s 1st Armored Division achieve victory.

Matt Davis

Matt Davis is a 20-year retired U.S. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Master Technician. He began his career as a Deep-Sea Navy Diver in Pearl Harbor, and soon transitioned to the EOD community becoming an expert in explosives, diving, and tactical skills. Matt completed several combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan working alongside U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, Army Special Forces, and elite international forces. He finished his career at the U.S. Naval Academy spearheading the rigorous selection process to choose the Navy EOD leaders of tomorrow.

Alex Fichtler

Alex Fichtler is a Navy SEAL veteran who has held key combat leadership roles in Afghanistan and throughout Africa and the UAE. Throughout his career in the SEAL Teams, he served as a Platoon Squad Leader, Lead Troop Sniper, and LPO for the West Coast Close Quarters Battle (CQB) training cell. Now, as Tactical Strength Director for MTNTOUGH Fitness Labs, Alex continues to embody and promote the lessons he learned as a SEAL: always working to earn your trident everyday, staying disciplined and focused within all areas of your life, and maintaining the mental edge at all times.

Don Tran

A former Marine Raider and military Water Survival Instructor, Don Tran has served multiple combat deployments to the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan and the jungles of the southern Philippines. Now, as Co-Founder and Master Trainer at Deep End Fitness, Don applies his real-world experience as a leader in the military, entrepreneur, and trainer to design, orchestrate, and lead intense workouts for athletes ranging from MMA fighters to Olympic swimmers. From his time in the Marines to today, Don pushes the limits in every environment, from swimming in the ocean to rucking in the forest.

Jake Labhart

Jake Labhart is the President of In Extremis Performance, where he trains military and law enforcement special operations units by conditioning their bodies to perform at an optimal level and maximizing their efficiency with a mechanical and scientific approach. After finishing his time in the Army as an airborne infantryman, Jake completed his doctorate in physical therapy and has worked with numerous product companies to provide expertise and testing for gear that is built to perform to the levels required by the special operations community.


There is no substitute for putting in the reps. As we believe deeply at Ten Thousand, if you want to become great at something you need to do it a lot. So when we set out to build our Tactical Short, it was critical that we not only put the short through its paces with athletes who have direct experience with the needs of the military community, but that we did so with a lot of guys who would get in a lot of reps.

The result: a team of over 50 badass, ready-for-anything, serious operators across the Special Operations Forces and the most elite military units that helped us stress test the gear at scale through countless hours in the gym, on the road, in the water, through the o-course, and in the mountains. Day in and day out this team generally beat the hell out of the Tactical Short to guarantee that the shorts, like the special ops teams themselves, would be able to rise to the occasion one-hundred percent of the time.

Here’s what some of our team had to say about the shorts after putting them through operational testing and evaluation. Some names have been omitted to protect the privacy of prior missions and the security of ongoing missions.

“The ripstop is awesome and I had no issues with durability. The short always felt light and it dried very quickly as well.”



“I wear these to lift, run, swim, and can transition easily to different environments. The material is extremely light and durable and easily the most comfortable shorts I’ve worn.”



“One of the most important elements of tactical proficiency is mobility. That’s why the tactical short is so well designed. It allows for maximum mobility and durability.”



“The material is extremely light and, as with everything from Ten Thousand, the overall product is amazing.”



“The Tactical Short is unmatched in quality and comfort. You can count on it to take a beating.”



"The Tactical Shorts are so slick and clean. I can’t find a workout these shorts can’t handle - trust me I have tried!"



“The shorts feel great! The material moves with you and is lightweight yet strong. You hardly know you’re wearing anything at all.”



“They are light and have great airflow but are tough enough material to train hard in and not worry about destroying them. I would wear these anytime anywhere.”


“For a tactical short designed to be put through the wringer, the liner and especially the ripstop material are incredibly comfortable. Remarkably this did not come at the expense of durability though. I tried my best to find a breaking point in the material but this short cannot be stopped."


“The quality and comfort is unbeatable. This a lightweight, functional short that allows me to effectively get the mission done in any environment.”


“I have gone through shorts from all the major labels, but the Tactical Short is hands down the most durable and comfortable short out there. It performs during all my training and the anti-odor treatment is exceptional."


“After wearing them nearly every day for over a month, I'm sold. They withstand anything that I throw at them and are comfortable enough to wear all day. These are my replacement for my former go-to Under Armour shorts."


“Overall the performance was excellent. Better performance than a standard running short, and more comfortable and support than a typical board short.”


“The fabric is incredible. It’s thin enough to forget about but tough enough to withstand heavy cleans with tough knurling on barbells.”


“An active SOF operator needs a versatile short offering more than a couple pockets. These shorts are a jack of all trades and will constantly remain in my everyday apparel and now will be added to my deployment loadout.”


“The shorts worked flawlessly, are functional for a wide range of activities, and were comfortable just relaxing on the couch. The fabric blend between durability and comfort was impressive.”


“I have used the Tactical Shorts for every single workout for over a month and the comfort level has been 10/10. And they perform just as well in the water as on land."


“I like how I can throw my keys in the side zipper pocket before hitting a trail or doing PT instead of stashing them in my gas cap cover. You know you've done it!”


“These shorts are what you’ve always wanted in shorts. The fabric, especially the liner, is so comfortable that I forgot that I had shorts on at times.”



When looking to create a training short built to perform for the needs of military fitness, we recognized that there were certain non-negotiables. First, the short had to be durable. Between the constant friction and pressure from rucksacks and the unpredictability of the terrain, the Tactical Short needed to be able to do more than take a scratch — it needed to be able to take a beating. Further, it had to complement that durability with breathability and minimal weight to create ultimate versatility. Military training is about being prepared for unpredictability so if your gear isn’t ready for everything, it isn’t ready for anything. Finally, it had to meet the specific needs of the military community: easy to wash, swim capable, secure pockets, permanently odor free, convenient and comfortable, and more. The Tactical Short addresses all of this and more, establishing itself as the ideal short for all military training and for men who train with military intensity.


The Tactical Short required us to take our fabric and feature development to another level in order to deliver a best-in-class training short that was light enough to excel while running or swimming, while simultaneously durable enough to handle rough terrains, hard lifting sessions, or long rucks. While a hard dichotomy to navigate, we were able to find the right balance with a proprietary ripstop fabric that’s tough, breathable, lightweight, and much more.

  • Premium ripstop shell fabric designed exclusively for this product
  • Lightweight and breathable for comfort through every session
  • Durable and hard wearing for many missions and years to come
  • Ultra tough waistband to stay in place and in one piece no matter what
  • Tested to withstand over 10,000 abrasions on the shell fabric and over 20,000 abrasions on the waistband


The guys we built this product for don’t have the luxury of just being good at one thing. They need to prepare for and excel in everything they encounter. The goal of training for these guys, and all the men who train with this intensity, is to become mentally and physically indestructible. That means the Tactical Short had to be able to keep up and keep going through anything that could be thrown at it so we built in features and functionality that served the wide ranging needs of military fitness.

  • Four-way stretch for complete range of motion in any session
  • No chafing guaranteed, even when soaking wet
  • Quick drying fabric to allow easy transition from water to land and back again
  • Side pockets with zip closures to keep items close and secure, and to streamline the pockets when swimming
  • Dedicated pocket for convenient storage of your ID or cash/card
  • On liner phone pocket for an out-of-the-way place to keep your phone stationary, and bounce-free while on the go
  • Side slits for additional range of motion and mobility


The Tactical Short was designed to be lived in, and to serve as your only short when needed. It therefore had to be supremely comfortable and convenient to stay out of your way during long sessions and even longer days. The mark of great gear is that you never have to worry about it breaking down, causing pain, or creating additional problems. Some of the highest praise for the Tactical Short during wear testing was that it faded away when training and was adopted by guys as their one short for everything they did in a day.

  • Built in liner for convenience when on the go or when you need to pack light
  • Medium compression liner for support without ever feeling tight or restricting
  • Permanent, silver ion-treated for permanent odor control for when you need to go a few sessions or days between washes
  • Quick drying fabrics and components for washing in the sink or wherever you must
  • Available in 5” and 7” inseam for personal preferences


The Ten Thousand Pro Line is a collection of gear designed for the needs of specialized training. The Tactical Short is the second addition to this collection and was designed and tested in collaboration with members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces in order to deliver the ultimate combination of durability, mobility, and versatility.

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