Knee Sleeves

Why You Need Them

Knee sleeves play a key role in the gear rotation of many athletes. Not only do they provide essential support, but they also aid compression and heat retention around the joint capsule. In addition, knee sleeves help with knee proprioception, with numerous athletes attributing improved awareness of where their knees are in relation to their hips and their ankles directly to knee sleeves. Simply put, knee sleeves improve awareness of your technique and reduce the likelihood of injury while lifting, making them a must-have.



Designed to minimize the risk of injury and aid performance, the SBD Knee Sleeve was lauded by our testers for its unmatched amount of support, even if it wasn’t always easy to take on or off. SBD isn’t trying to use fancy tech or gimmicky solutions; instead, their 7mm high grade neoprene construction stood out for providing the ultimate combination of what truly matters in a knee sleeve: durability, security, and support.



We Also Tested

RockTape Knee Sleeve

Although they are taller than standard sleeves, our testers were turned off by the fact that the knee sleeves didn’t stay on well during Metcons and were bulky behind the knee.

Rogue 5mm Knee Sleeve

While they felt the knee sleeves eliminated discomfort without affecting motion, our testers were frustrated by the fact that they loosen over time and constantly had to be pulled back up, which was a hindrance in high-volume workouts.

Bear Komplex Knee Sleeve

Our testers didn’t think they stood up to the test: they were too loose and too easy to put on, and they gave much less support than expected on lifts.

Why You Can Trust Us


We don’t BS. We're completely unbiased, and there’s no agenda. We listened to what you wanted, and we recruited top athletes to put gear to the test. By relying on feedback from thousands of customers like you and working with some of the country’s top athletes to put each product through a brutal battery of tests, we didn’t leave a stone unturned in making sure that we’re giving you unbiased feedback on the gear you need.



reps to find the best knee sleeve on the market


Our testers put the knee sleeves to the test and through the following workouts:


Tested to evaluate the bulkiness and feel of the sleeves during the squat movement and to see how the sleeve affected ROM.


Tested to evaluate any loosening and/or slippage of the sleeves during a metcon.

Pistol Squats

Tested to evaluate the bulkiness and feel of the sleeves during the squat movement and to ensure that the sleeves did not bunch at the bottom of the squat.

Walking Lunges

Tested to evaluate cushioning of the sleeves when touching the knee to the ground.



was the most important factor when evaluating and ranking the different knee sleeves.

Flexibility and Stability

was the key functionality differentiator that put SBD sleeve on top.

Why Our Testers Loved
The SBD Knee Sleeve:

“This is the gold standard for all knee sleeves. Tough to put on but definitely worth it as they provide the best support.”

- Chris Holt

"This knee sleeve gave great support throughout all my movements. They even allowed me to go up in weight with more confidence because they made me feel so stable."

- Ben Keiser

“The SBD knee sleeve is my favorite because the compression is awesome and I can see the impact on my training. I think my pistols improved just by putting these on!"

- Tom Cambell

“The SBD knee sleeve was the best by far. They provided the most cushion during lunges, were the best for pistols, and gave me the maximum support during squats - all with no loosening or slippage.”

- Aditya Desai


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