WORK:001 is a 13-minute workout in which athletes aim to complete as many repetitions as possible before time expires. You’ll perform pull ups, pistols (single leg squats) and alternating dumbbell hang clean and jerk with a 50 lb dumbbell.


 13 minute AMRAP: 4-8-12-16-20…
reps increase by 4 each round

Pull Ups

(Single Leg Squats)

Alternating Hang Clean & Jerk
with a 50 lb Dumbbell


As many repetitions as possible
completed in 13 minutes.

Tie breaker is the time you
completed your last round.



> > >


  • Complete 4 repetitions of each movement — pull ups, pistols, and alternating hang clean and jerks with a 50lbs dumbbell — in the order prescribed, not starting the next movement until all repetitions are completed for the movement in the round.
  • Upon completion of 4 repetitions of pull ups, 4 repetitions of pistols, and 4 repetitions of alternating hang clean and jerks, begin round two, in which you will complete 8 repetitions of each movement.
  • The number of repetitions increases by 4 each subsequent round for 13 minutes. Complete as many repetitions as possible before time expires.


  • To be eligible for the cash prize, you must submit a video along with your score. However, you do not need to submit a video and can just add your score to the leaderboard if you do not intend to compete for a cash prize and simply want to see how you stack up against the field.
  • Upload your video by November 6th, 2020 at 8pm EDT in accordance with the video submission guidelines.
  • Post to instagram and tag and @project_work_tenthousand
  • For scores to be accepted, the athlete’s full range of motion, as described in the movement standards, must be visible through the duration of the video without obstruction.



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