TACTICAL PANT field test

Some gear takes a while to get right because we set the bar incredibly high. When we first started dreaming up the Tactical Pants, we knew it would be more than simply lengthening the Tactical Shorts. By working with former Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders, Army Rangers and Green Berets to develop our Tactical Pant, we’ve seen first hand the importance of versatility, resiliency, and functionality in each and every aspect of these men’s physically demanding lives. At every stage of development and prototype testing, we relied on our athletes to take the gear into the world, test it, and come back with feedback until we had what we believed to be the finished product.

When it came time to send the Tactical Pants out on a Field Test, we gathered Don Tran, Tyrus Griffin, Albert Chheang, and Rick Briere. All four men have incredibly specialized skills from their time in the U.S. Military and they’re no stranger to Ten Thousand or to each other. We challenged all four of them to throw down on an outdoor obstacle course designed to give this elite crew a run for their money.

The energy before the field test was electric with the camaraderie between the men and the excitement of the challenge that was ahead of them. Once they were all geared up, they had the chance to look at what was ahead of them.

“The obstacle course had everything - we had sandbags that we had to fireman’s carry, we went over walls, climbed up ropes, jumped over logs. It was incredibly physically challenging.”

We designed the obstacle course so that no one could complete it quickly or easily. It required diligent work through a complete range of motion across all three planes of motion. We suspected the four-way stretch canvas would take even the most physically taxing movements and we were right.

“They’re bomb-proof but flexible.”

There’s nothing we don’t love about these pants. They’re water-repellant from the outside and moisture-wicking from the inside. They are ready for anything, while being sleek enough to be worn in any environment. We added functional details to ensure an individualized fit without any tailoring needed.

“Half of us didn’t wear a belt with the pants and chose to use the pull tab on the inside to keep them secure. It ended up being awesome.”

For those who choose to wear a belt, we reinforced the belt loops to ensure longevity. For those who choose not to wear a belt, we designed a stability waistband to support concealed carry and lay flat to prevent chafing from packs or rucks with side adjuster tabs for a perfect fit. Either way, you’re secure, as evidenced by the results from the obstacle course.

These men live so much of their lives outside in the elements. The bottom line:

“The Tactical Pants are hands down the best pants I’ve ever wore during training.”