Engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of military fitness, the Tactical Pant delivers a high level of functionality, resiliency, and readiness for the unpredictable. Through rigorous testing by members of the Special Operations community, we’ve developed a pant that extends the utmost mobility and protection from coarse environments. Seeking the most grueling challenge for the Tactical Pant, we knew The Tactical Games would be the ultimate test.

The Tactical Games offers competitions that test the shooting skills, readiness, and physical ability of athletes. Encompassing 8 stages over 2 days, competitors are faced with a wide range of workouts such as positional shooting, heavy sled pulls, and crawling on rugged terrain. To thoroughly evaluate the integrity and capabilities of the Tactical Pant, we trusted tactical athletes Tim Simsanky and Jacob Heppner to test the pant’s performance in their upcoming competitions.

“What I love the most is that they stretch…the stuff I do, I need a pant that moves with me”

- Jacob

Packing an unprecedented combination of durability and mobility, the pants were able to keep up with Jacob and Tim – providing the free range of motion they needed in their competitions. Similar to CrossFit events, competitors are unaware of the exact workouts they’ll be performing until as little as 24 hours before the event starts. Jacob and Tim leaned on the versatility of the Tactical Pant for handling the unpredictability of the workouts.

“I can get into any position I normally would and it never hampers me”

- Tim

One of the stages in Tim’s competition called for a 90-second max effort workout requiring him to toss sandbags – 100 lb, 150 lb, and 200 lb – over the crossmember of a yoke. Unlike traditional tactical gear, the Tactical Pant is constructed with a 4-way stretch and knit gusset enabling freedom of movement. Tim was completely unrestricted as he hoisted each sandbag up and over the crossmember. The Tactical Pant offered a meaningful advantage compared to the pants of the other competitors, which obstructed their natural knee flexion.

“I need a pant that protects my body, that doesn’t get in the way – no matter what I need to do.”

- Jacob

Tested to resist over 60,000 abrasions, we designed the Tactical Pant to guarantee the protection you need out in the field. From crawling across the sand-covered course to kneeling on brass shell casings, these pants got your six. The ultra-durable fabric protected Jacob from the elements ensuring he stayed focused on the exercise he was performing. He was able to get down into prone firing positions with ease before popping back up and heading towards a heavy sandbag carry.