Field Test:
Interval Short

Product: Interval Short , Lightweight Shirt

Training: functional fitness

Location: austin

Eric Champ

  • Elite weight loss trainer and life coach
  • Lost 50 lbs
  • Clients trained per week: 20+
  • Functional fitness for everyday life
  • Never too late mantra

The challenge

The Interval Short is built for maximum versatility and mobility so it can handle whatever you throw at it. The no-pinch, no-bunch waistband, four-way stretch and perfect pocket system ensure maximum functionality in every situation. For no-nonsense athletes like Eric, durability and functionality are key to getting the best workout. The Interval Short is built to adapt to any scenario, and we had Eric put it to the test.


• 5 inch Worms

• 10 Shoulder Taps

• 15 Air Squats

• 5 Plow Push-ups

• 10 Seal Jacks

• 10 Spider Lunges with T Rotations

• 3 Bear 360 Circles

With a 10lb Dumbbell:

• 10 Forward Circle Rotations

• 10 Backward Circle Rotations

• 10 Squat and Press

• 10 Forward Lunge and Curl

• 10 Renegade Row


Main Set 1:

• Goblet Squat

• Alt Squat Snatch

• Single DB Push Press

• Leg Raises

Main Set 2:

• 250m Row

• 10 Strict Pull-ups

• 20 Dead-stop Push-ups

The Verdict


“I wear them constantly in my videos and I never have to make adjustments and I am always nervous about that sort of thing. The pockets are just the right size and shape. Just an all-around good short.”

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Field Test:
Interval Short

Tony Nash

Product: Interval Short, Lightweight Shirt

Training: functional fitness

Location: Ithaca

"The Interval shorts are hands down the absolute best shorts I have ever tried."