Field Test:
Wool Hoodie


Training: functional fitness

Location: Bozeman

Alex Fichtler

  • Navy Seal Veteran
  • Former Platoon Squad Leader, Lead Troop sniper and LOP for West Coast Close Quarters Battle (CQB) training cell.
  • Tactical Strength Director for MTNTOUGH Fitness Labs

The challenge

What was once considered a heavy, restrictive and uncomfortable material for cold-weather gear is now regarded as a premium performance fabric worn year long due to merino wool’s impressive natural tech features. The natural odor resistant, thermoregulating and moisture wicking properties of wool make the Merino Tech Collection high-quality gear for high-intensity training.

To put the Merino Tech Hoodie and Shirt to the test, we collaborated with some of our top athletes whose training ranges from urban CrossFit boxes to the mountains of Montana. After thorough testing, the verdict was clear: the super-comfortable and ultra-soft performance Merino Tech Hoodie and Shirt will help elevate your training and keep you in the gym or on the trails year-round.

Alex Fichtler was born and raised in the Big Sky state of Montana but the former Navy SEAL feels just as at home in the gym as he does in the mountains. As the current Tactical Strength Director for MTNTOUGH Fitness Labs, we knew Alex would do the Merino Tech collection justice. We asked him to put the Merino Tech Hoodie through the ringer on a recent trail run in Boseman, MT.


3 mile hike into Bridger Mountain Ranger

Main Set: 

  • 3 x 1 Mile at goal half marathon pace, 30 seconds walking between sets.
  • 8 x 0.25mile hill repeats at max effort, walk down hill to recover between sets.


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10 Rounds for time

  • 12 DB front squats
  • 24 dips  

Recovery: Foam Roller

  • Using a foam roller, hit the following muscle groups: IT Band, Quads, Glutes, Calves
  • Concentrate on each muscle group for 1-2 minutes, then switch sides
  • Repeat as needed


The Verdict


"Ten Thousand’s Merino line is exceptional in quality and feel. If you’ve ever thought wool was itchy or uncomfortable, you can get that out of your head right now. The hoodie is undeniably the most comfortable, soft, and warm hoodie I’ve ever worn and is perfect for those cold mornings when warming up, running, hiking, or transiting to the gym. The mobility of the fabric makes this hoodie perfect for any complex movement or just your day to day work.

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Field Test:
Wool Shirt

Eric Hinman

Product: Merino Tech Shirt

Training: functional fitness

Location: Denver

"The tee is super light and unique, I honestly haven’t trained in anything like this before. "