One in

One out


NOTE: The One In / One Out program is on hiatus as we work to improve and enhance it to make it even better moving forward.

Every time you purchase something from us, we give you the chance to declutter your workout drawer in an environmentally responsible way. Send us back any training gear past its useful life to be recycled and, as a thank you, receive 10% off your next order with us. 

In a world of fast fashion and planned obsolescence, we’ve decided to take a different approach. Send us of any of your old workout gear that no longer fits or is past its useful life, and we’ll recycle it responsibly free of charge. We strive not only to create less wasteful products, but also to help reduce the footprint of what’s in our drawers already. One In / One Out is our effort to close the loop and prevent your apparel from becoming landfill waste at the end of its life.


Add the One In/One Out kit to your order by ticking the appropriate box at checkout.


You’ll receive a One In/One Out kit with prepaid postage with your order. Pack old gear to be recycled and drop it in the mail.


Once we receive your old gear, you’ll get a 10% OFF discount code (via email) to use towards your next purchase.