Built in collaboration with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champions and members of the sport’s founding family, the Fight Short redefines modern gear for no-gi BJJ and meets the demands of other combat sports. With a relentless focus on durability, range of motion, and support, we designed the Fight Short to meet the distinct needs of our wear-testing team members whose expertise range across martial art forms and fighting styles.


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Developed with a diverse team of UFC contenders and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legends, the Fight Short was built to meet the needs of martial artists of all kinds and skill levels. Always striving towards improvement, growth, and being Better Than Yesterday, we entered an unfamiliar product category, relying heavily on our team of expert wear testers and their unparalleled insight. We asked about their likes, their dislikes, and their non-negotiables for both their demanding training schedules and their grueling competitions. We examined the biggest pain points of their current shorts, and we worked together relentlessly to reimagine modern fight gear. These men guided the entirety of this project – from initial concepting to prototype evaluation and wear testing – to ensure we were building a fight short like no other.


The grandson of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s founder, Clark Gracie is part of the legendary family responsible for bringing the sport to the United States. Under the tutelage of his father, legendary fighter Carley Gracie, he’s won the Pan-American Jiu-Jitsu Championship and the World Master Black Belt Championship. Clark has since gone on to open his own academy, The Clark Gracie Academy, where he coaches several pro Mixed Martial Artists.

"Ten Thousand finally developed the sleek and modern no-gi option that I've been waiting for. My mantra is "always moving forward," and Ten Thousand is the gear I choose to help empower my lifestyle."


A professional Mixed Martial Artist and two-time UFC Bantamweight Champion, Dominick Cruz is known for his powerful base, quick striking, and his tendency to attack from unique angles unlike any other fighter on the UFC roster. During his two-time World Bantamweight Championship reign from 2010-2016, he defended the title six times in the World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

"Mobility has always been crucial to my fighting style and Ten Thousand nailed it with the Fight Kit. The short’s deep side slit and knit gusset provide me with full range of motion no matter what plane I'm moving in. This gear is my new go to."


Bobby Maximus is a former UFC Fighter and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion. He has competed in numerous fight competitions across North America including UFC 58, UFC 62, and Ultimate Fight Night 5, where he won Submission of the Night. Bobby also starred on Spike TV's The Ultimate Fighter series and was the Ring of Fire light-heavyweight champion.

“This fight gear has filled a need I've had my whole career: to find quality clothing as tough as I am. My gear always breaks, wears down, and frankly disintegrates. The Fight Kit is as good as the day I got it."


After wrestling in college, Ian Butler turned to MMA as a recreational way to stay fit. Within months he began competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Ian went on to win the Midwest Grappling Championship and later took silver in the World Competition. In addition to BJJ, Ian competes in MMA and is a six-time Bellator veteran. He has fought twice for Bellator’s historic cards; Bellator 131 and Bellator 170, which are two of the most viewed cards in the promotion's history.

“I believe Ten Thousand is one of the top fitness brands out there right now. They have studied and hired some of the best fighters in the world to develop their Fight Kit. Ten Thousand is about to be the best fight gear in the game."


Salu has been a multi-disciplinary martial artist since childhood, who has trained wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and boxing. A former college football player, Salu made the transition to professional MMA fighter and strength and conditioning coach after graduation. Alongside his impressive athletic pedigree, Salu has also had the priviledge of training and competing alongside legends in the sport.

"I'm finally able to focus on the grind in front of me instead of having to make adjustments. Whether it’s during the standup or on the ground, this gear checks every box for what anyone in combat sports needs and wants. I know it did for me."


A successful entrepreneur and restauranteur turned fitness icon, Michael initially found martial arts during recovery from alcohol and drug addictions. For ten years, he would wake up every morning, attend an AA meeting, and then go right to the gym to train Muay Thai. Michael fell in love with martial arts and has been competing in Muay Thai ever since.

“So many great things happening with this kit. The mobility and breathability are awesome and the stay in place inner waistband of the shorts is an incredible feature. For the all around combat sport practitioner, the Fight Short and Rash Guard covers all your bases."


The development of our Fight Short relied on three core principles: durability, range of motion, and support. Every component of the Fight Short – from its gripper hems to its secure drawcord system – was carefully thought through to ensure we provided mixed martial artists with a short that is comfortable for everyday training but has the high-performance features you need on fight night.



When you’re grappling in the ring or rolling on the mat, you need gear that stays secure no matter how complex your movements or how quick your opponent. When developing the Fight Short, we carefully incorporated features throughout both the liner and shell to ensure your shorts don’t move an inch while you’re going for the takedown.

  • Gripper hems inside the trunk liner prevent shorts from rolling or bunching
  • An innovative stay-in-place waistband system with a wide gripper keeps shorts in place and prevents adjustments mid round
  • A double-lock drawcord system keeps shorts secure and guarantees a perfect fit for every athlete
  • Designed without pockets, buttons, or zips to prevent distracting grabbing and painful scraping


When developing the Fight Short, it was crucial to find a fabric that was durable enough to take a beating but still allowed for complete mobility and free range of motion. Our team of MMA icons and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelts put several prototype fabrics to the test and through countless hours of wear testing to help us find this perfect balance of strength and flexibility.

  • Four-way stretch, woven shell fabric adjusts with your every move so you’re never restricted
  • A warp knit gusset provides extra elasticity for enhanced mobility
  • Side slits allow for added mobility and comfort with every step
  • Tear strength measured at more than double the industry standard to ensure they come out on top every fight
  • Sewn fabric strength nearly three-times that of the industry standard allows you to move freely with no risk of ripping


The Fight Short was designed to stay fresh no matter how demanding your training or grueling your competition. Whether you’re grappling or sparring, a sweat-drenched short is not only uncomfortable, but distracting. After testing numerous prototype fabrics, we worked with our wear testing team to ensure the Fight Short stays dry and stink-free until a tapout.

  • Permanent anti-odor treatment throughout the shell and liner so you can get away with skipping the wash between fights
  • Quick drying and moisture-wicking to keep you comfortable no matter how hot or sweaty your training session


The Ten Thousand Pro Line is a collection of gear designed to meet the needs of highly-specialized training. The Fight Kit is the latest addition to this collection. Designed, developed, and tested in collaboration with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champions and MMA icons, this Kit redefines modern fight gear.

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