Designed, developed, and tested by our team of elite runners, the Distance Short sets the new standard for high-performance running gear. With a relentless focus on lightness, range of motion, comfort, and fit inspired by the wants and needs of our wear testing team, we designed it to give our runners everything they need – but nothing they don’t. Simply, the ultra-lightweight and breathable Distance Short is built to meet the demands of the world record holders, ultra-marathoners, and run community icons that built it.

Distance Short


Go farther faster. These flyweight shorts have everything runners need, and nothing they don’t. Designed in collaboration with elite endurance athletes, they’re perfect for every session - from easy efforts and long runs to track workouts and race day.


The Distance Short has been totally overhauled with a re-engineered perforated shell, brief liner, and an Every Session Carry™ pocket system with a new bounce-free pocket.


  • Ultra-light construction for weight reduction
  • Deep side slit for maximum range of motion
  • Perforated back panel for weight reduction and maximum breathability
  • Mesh brief liner for weight reduction and enhanced comfort
  • Every Session Carry pocket system for secure, no-bounce storage
  • Bonded hems and seams for weight and bulk reduction
  • Ultralight minimalist waistband for weight reduction and added comfort
  • Extensively tested to ensure no chafing or hot spots
  • Permanent anti-odor treatment throughout shell, brief liner and waistband

Tech specs

  • Shell: 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex, 125 GSM
  • Liner: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex, 102 GSM
  • Front Pouch: 76% recycled Nylon, 24% recycled Spandex, 170 GSM
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Developed & Tested by Core Athletes


Developed with a team of world record holders, ultra-marathoners, and run community icons, every detail of the Distance Short was designed, tested, and optimized to meet the needs of the most intense runners. We asked our wear testers about their needs, their likes, their dislikes, and their non-negotiables. We examined the biggest pain points of their current running shorts, and we worked together relentlessly in pursuit of a single goal: creating the world’s best running gear. These men guided the entirety of this project – from initial concepting to prototype evaluation and wear testing – to ensure we were building a collection worthy of the sport’s top athletes.


A hero in the ultra-running community, Rich Roll is an ultra-endurance athlete, wellness & plant-based nutrition advocate, and notable author and podcaster. A prolific triathlete, he is a two-time top finisher at the 320-mile Ultraman World Championship and has completed five full-ironman distance triathlons in five days on the five islands of Hawaii. He is also a renowned thought leader and icon in the health and wellness space.

“Ten Thousand made the minimalist gear runners of every kind have been waiting for. Cracking the code on fit, durability, style, and performance, you won't find me in anything else - from trail runs to Ultraman."


Ryan Hall is a two-time Olympian and the fastest American to ever run the marathon (2:04:58) and half marathon (59:43) distances. Ryan retired from professional running in January 2016 and now coaches some of the country’s top endurance athletes, including his wife Sara Hall, the second fastest American woman in history.

“When it comes to my run shorts and tanks, there are usually some things I like and some things I would change. Finally, Ten Thousand has created the only running gear I wouldn't change a thing about."


A Kung Fu and Tai Chi master, herbalist, massage therapist, vegan and student and practitioner of Buddhism and Daoism, Hakim Tafari has become a spiritual ambassador to the run community. Having personally found running to be the ultimate means of meditation, he is on a mission to bring mindfulness and spirituality to the Los Angeles run community – and beyond.

“I can honestly say that the Distance Kit was made by runners, for runners - and I was lucky enough to help. From the lightness and quality of the fabric to the perfect fit, I am truly blown away."


Robbie Balenger is a plant-based ultra endurance athlete. In 2019, he completed a transcontinental run from California to New York, in which he averaged 43 miles a day for 75 consecutive days. Additionally, Robbie teamed up with Ten Thousand and successfully set the record for most number of loops completed around Central Park during opening hours, completing 16 loops and running over 100 miles.

“Being an ultra-endurance athlete, my efforts tend to last from many hours to multiple days. Having gear that is light and provides maximum mobility is imperative. The Distance Kit fits my needs perfectly."


A lifelong athlete and Los Angeles native, Erik Valiente is the founder of running club BlacklistLA, which attracts runners of all levels from all over the city. Through everything from marathon training to weekly art tour runs, BlacklistLA – the largest running organization of its kind – has plans to forever change the landscape of running in Los Angeles.

“If you look pro, you run pro, and the Distance Kit gets the job done. As a Los Angeles runner and coach, feeling light and fresh during a run is crucial, and this gear couldn't be better."


Mark Bottenhorn is a professional mountain, ultra, trail and OCR athlete. A Former NPC National Level Physique Competitor, Mark has notched numerous wins and set multiple course records, including landing on the North American 50K distance top performances list with a PR of 3 hours and 29 minutes. In addition to his own racing, Mark coaches dozens of endurance athletes on his platform, Run Strong Coaching.

“I train every single day to be versatile enough to conquer any distance and surface. The Distance Kit is what I trust. This gear is light enough to forget it's there but durable enough to meet the demands of my training."


Justin Lippert is a former NCAA collegiate track and cross country runner turned professional triathlete. He swept the Olympic- and sprint-distance races at the 2018 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships, becoming the first man in the event’s history to do so. He is also the founder of Full Send Triathlon, where he is building the ultimate multisport athlete community and coaching triathletes of all skill levels.

"The Distance Kit is not only top-of-the-line, high-performance run gear, but it also has the sleek details and modern aesthetic that suit my style."


The development of our Distance Short was driven by a singular goal: creating the best running short on the market. To do this, we relied on four core principles: lightness, range of motion, comfort, and fit. Every component of the Distance Short – from its ultra-lightweight brief liner to its streamlined pocket system – was carefully thought through to ensure it gave runners the high-performance features they need, but nothing they don’t. The result: a minimalist, barely-there short that lets you concentrate and focus on nothing but your run.



Developing the Distance Short required a ruthless focus on building the lightest short possible while still incorporating the high-performance features that serious running requires. Our team of world-class runners put in countless hours of development and thousands of miles of wear-testing to make sure the Distance Short delivered on the most important aspect of running gear: fading away as soon as you hit your stride. Our lightest short yet, each individual component was tried, tested, and revised to ensure that the Distance Short stays out of your way.

  • Ultra-lightweight mesh brief liner that provides support while maintaining a superior level of breathability
  • Ultra-lightweight, 4-way stretch woven shell fabric
  • Perforated back panel for enhanced breathability and further weight reduction
  • Featherweight premium mesh liner that provides support and stays light
  • Quick dry, moisture-wicking main and liner fabrics to stay light even when you're soaked
  • Bonded hems and seams to minimize bulk and weight
  • Available in a 3" inseam for ultimate freedom


From liners chafing to shorts riding up to waistbands digging into your skin, nothing gets in the way of a dominant run performance more than uncomfortable gear. Whether you're pounding the pavement on a 50 mile run or getting ready for 400m repeats, you need a run short that ensures you're comfortable - no matter how fast or far you're going. The Distance Short was crafted to guarantee no chafing and no discomfort, ever.

  • No hotspots or chafing through thousands of miles of testing
  • Lightweight minimalist waistband that does not get weighted down with sweat or fold over
  • Lightweight warp knit front pouch in liner for extra support
  • Ergonomic seam design to avoid potential for hot spots
  • Deep side slits for maximum range of motion and enhanced comfort


All runners can agree on one thing: the importance of eliminating distractions from the second they lace up. We designed the minimalist Distance Short to provide all the features you need for your most intense runs, without any of the extras that hold you back.

  • Quick drying and moisture-wicking fabric repels sweat through every session
  • Minimalist no-fold waistband to ensure no mid-run adjustments
  • Lightweight front pouch, made from recycled fabric, for extra support
  • Every Session Carry pocket system to keep keys, gels, and cash secure and dry mile after mile, with no phone pocket to allow for maximum focus on your run
  • Permanent anti-odor throughout the shell, liner, and waistband fabrics to ensure you're still fresh when you cross the finish line


The Ten Thousand Pro Line is a collection of gear designed to meet the needs of highly-specialized training. The Distance Kit is the latest addition to this collection. Designed, developed, and tested in collaboration with ultra-marathoners, world record holders, and run community icons, it sets the new standard for high-performance running gear.

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