Welcome To the Team

This week we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Equinox. As you know, these guys are the premier fitness club in the country and share our values and vision on training. Our gear will now be available across the country in their top 9 clubs and we’re working closely with their top tier trainers in the design, development, and testing of our next products.

If you’re a member of Equinox or live near one, stop in to try on some gear and stock up. You can check out the store finder on our site for the exact locations where our gear is being carried. If you’re in the New York area come celebrate the launch with us! As one naturally would, we’re kicking off our partnership with a push-up contest which will take place at the Greenwich Equinox on August 16th at 6pm. Check out our post below on proper push-up form to get ready. We’ll be sharing more details soon.

Nothing is more important to us than learning from you and other athletes about how our products actually translate into athletic performance. The desire to continuously evolve and improve is an essential part of what we believe makes our gear special. Through our Field Test program, we’ve begun tapping into the needs, wants and problems of top-tier Equinox trainers and their clients to help us dial in our next round of new gear. We could not be more psyched about being able to collaborate with some of the best in the business.

Thank you for all the support. We’re thrilled to have you as part of the team as we continue to improve our gear and work with partners like Equinox push us to new levels.