TT x EQX Push-Up Challenge: The Results

3,931. That’s what we accomplished. 3,931 push-ups completed in 2 hours. That’s 33 push-ups a minute, which translates to $3,931 going to the One Love Foundation to help educate, empower and activate young people in their communities in a movement to end relationship violence. 3,931 examples of pure effort harnessed for a great cause.

We had 12 winners coming from our 4 divisions. The men’s division winner completed 76 push-ups while the women’s winner completed 44 push-ups. In our trainer divisions our men’s winner completed 84 push-ups while our women’s winner completed 49.

Check out the complete round-up below.

Men's Division

  1. 76 Push-ups
  2. 74 Push-ups
  3. 72 Push-ups

Women's Division

  1. 44 Push-ups
  2. 43 Push-ups
  3. 32 Push-ups

Men's Equinox Trainer/Staff Division

  1. 84 Push-ups
  2. 74 Push-ups
  3. 72 Push-ups

Women's Equinox Trainer/Staff Division

  1. 49 Push-ups
  2. 47 Push-ups
  3. 40 Push-ups

We wanted to say Thank You to everyone that came out and made this event what it was. The energy that we all created last night was inspiring. For more images of the event check out our facebook gallery.

Thank You!

- The Ten Thousand Team