The Digest Issue #5

In issue #5 of The Digest we look at the relationship between mind and body. We’ve selected 4 articles that explore the depths and possibilities of this relationship. We all know that a healthy body is only achievable with a healthy mind, but how can we optimize the way we think about physical training to maximize results? Check out the articles below for some solid answers.

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How Did Colin O’Brady Shatter an Absolutely Insane Endurance and Adventure Record?

How Did Colin O'Brady Shatter an Absolutely Insane Endurance and Adventure Record?

Outside Online

Colin O’Brady climbed each of the highest peaks on all 7 continents and trekked to the north and south poles all in 139 days. Brady’s got some tales tell, surprisingly, he explains how this undertaking was just as much a mental challenge as it was a physical one. Here’s how he did it.

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Master One Thing

The Scientific Argument For Mastering One Thing At A Time

James Clear

Want to master a new skill? Been looking to impose a long-standing change in your life? Trying to hit that personal goal? Some people naturally find this challenge easier than others. James Clear explores specific techniques that can aid us in becoming more proficient. Focus, focus, focus.

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Transform Your Mindset To Transform Your Body

Breaking Muscle

We all get hurt, we all have physical weaknesses. We must accept this and tune our minds and bodies accordingly. A positive mindset is a crucial asset to keeping your body performing at a high level, learn how to harness it. You’ll be happy you did.

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- Need to Ponder -

This Is Your Brain On Silence


Science says that a truly quiet place can offer both physical and mental health advantages. In a world that keeps getting louder and louder, countries like Finland are starting to look at silence as a natural resource. This article by Daniel A. Gross begs the question, what is the true value of silence?

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