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When you’re pushing yourself to the brink during a WOD, the last thing you need is gear that maxes out before you do. Finding the right tools that help you push your limits is crucial for any CrossFit athlete. You’re not at the Box for glamour or selfies — and your gear should take performance just as seriously as you do.

Key Considerations:

  • Breathability: You’re going to sweat like hell, so your gear needs to help wick moisture and let your skin breathe.
  • Versatility: Your WODs are going to be unpredictable, and that means your gear needs to be able to move however you demand it to.
  • Odor-Control: Just because you’re crushing your workout doesn’t mean you need to smell like it. Simple enough.
  • Durability: Your body is going to take a beating, and your gear should be prepared to take one too.

The Shirt

Ten Thousand’s Durable Shirt was built for the most demanding workouts. Your core needs — breathability, stretch and durability — are all covered by its laser-cut underarm ventilation and bonded seams that perfectly balance strength and lightweight comfort. Plus, with its permanent anti-odor treatment, you’ll never worry about being "that guy" in the gym.


Gear Up

The Shorts

Versatile and mobile with four-way stretch to maximize your range of motion, the Foundation Short can follow you through the toughest Metcon you throw at it. With the option to add a liner to the shorts, you’ve got the choice to make sure the goods are secure without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.


Gear Up

The Shoes

Your everyday joggers won’t cut it for your WODs. To maximize your stability and agility, you need a low-drop shoe with a comfortable toe box and even better traction. There are a lot of great new options out there, but this is one place where you can’t beat a classic. The Nike Metcon line has made itself a staple in boxes across the world, and it’s going to give you the versatility and durability necessary to crush any workout.


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The Support

With the wide range of rapid lifts you’ll be doing, it’s vital to do what you can to prevent injury. Investing in wrist wraps is a solid way to ensure you stay off the sidelines. Your wrist wraps don’t need to be fancy; they need to be strong, durable and non-irritating. These Rogue Wrist Wraps fit the bill perfectly without breaking the bank.


Gear Up

The Protection

CrossFit puts your body to the test. And while you may have impeccable form and extreme mental fortitude, sometimes the body needs a little extra support and protection. A solid pair of knee sleeves can do just that for your joints. From squats to kettlebell swings, Rehband RX Knee Sleeves can offer you the support needed, plus a little extra explosiveness, to hit your max every day. Plus, you can easily slide them down your legs for shin protection on intense rope climbs.


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