Field Test:
Session Short

Product: Session Short

Training: strength

Location: Denver

Mike Aidala

  • Overhead split jerk: 405 lbs
  • Overhead squat: 315 lbs with 1 arm
  • Single leg box jump of 49 in
  • 50 ft farmers carry with 375 lbs in each hand
  • Hatfield lunge: 600 lbs
  • 160-lb pistol squat
  • 2.5 min freestanding handstand
  • Completed two 50-mile ultramarathons in 1 month

The challenge

The Session Short is built to fade away. With a shell weight of 124 GSM, it has been stripped down to the essentials to ensure ultra lightness for endurance training, get out of the way and let the hard work do the talking. To put our most featherweight short to the test, we built a brutal workout for Mike to complete in our Session Short.


3 rounds

  • 20 scapular pushups
  • 20 scapular pull ups
  • 5 box Jumps
  • 5 world greatest stretch each side
  • 30 feet walking lunges with rotation
  • 60 second handstand hold (free-standing)


Main Set A: 10 minutes, EMOM

  • Strict Ring Muscle Ups - 3 reps

Main Set B: 20 minutes, EMOM

  • Deficit chest to wall HSPU - 5 reps
  • Archer pull-ups - 4 reps per arm

Main Set C: 5 rounds

  • Weighted legless rope climbs - up/down
  • Maltese push ups - 8 reps

Main Set D: 3 rounds

  • Max ring pushups
  • Max ring row


5 rounds, 2:30 minutes work, 2:30 minutes rest

  • Start the clock and do 30 calories on the assault bike. In the remaining time, do max burpees over a box until 2:30 of work is up. Rest for 2:30.


  • Savasana for 5-10 minutes
  • Ice bath, cold stream, or cold shower for 5-10 minutes


The Verdict


I NEVER notice them while working out and they allow for maximum movement. I wear them when I am squatting heavy, running ultra marathons or working on my splits, and they handle them all, easily. They feel like a second layer of skin that moves with me.

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Field Test:
Session Short

Mark Bottenhorn

Product: Session Short, Lightweight Shirt

Training: running

Location: Dallas

“When I run, the Session Short starts to disappear and allows me to run freely without feeling weighed down or limited in any way.”