Field Test:
Session Short

Product: Session Short , Lightweight Shirt

Training: running

Location: eastside track NYC

Kyle Axman

  • Founding Trainer & Director of Programming at Rumble Training
  • Marathon PR: 3:01 (NYC Marathon — 2019)
  • Half-Marathon PR: 1:24 (Brooklyn Half — 2019)
  • Miles per Week: 40+
  • Classes taught per Week: 16

The challenge

The Session Short is built for speed. With a shell weight of 124 GSM, Built to get out of the way and let the hard work do the talking, it has been stripped down to the essentials to ensure ultra lightness for endurance training. To put our most featherweight short to the test, we built a brutal workout for Kyle to complete in our Session Shorts.


• 2-3 miles at an easy pace


• 8 x 1km (0.62 mi) at 20 seconds faster than goal half marathon pace with 2 minutes of recovery jogging between intervals.

• 10 minutes of smooth form based endurance running to focus on form and recover.


• 3 x 1 Mile at goal half marathon pace with 60 seconds recovery jogging between intervals.


• 10 minutes of smooth form based endurance running to commute from track to hill.


• 8 x .25mile hill repeats at max effort with jogging down hill recovery in between intervals.

The Verdict


The Session Short has become my straight-out-of-the-laundry short. Everyone has their item that they wear first when their clean clothes come back. These are it for me. When I’m wearing them, it’s like I’m running naked with just the right amount of support for the jewels. The stretch, the range of motion — these things are no joke. Plus, they’re stupid comfortable. They’re so good, they make me look forward to running.

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Field Test:
Session Short

Mark Bottenhorn

Product: Session Short, Lightweight Shirt

Training: running

Location: Dallas

“When I run, the Session Short starts to disappear and allows me to run freely without feeling weighed down or limited in any way.”