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We are all works in progress—it’s a naked truth that compels us toward continuous improvement. It’s learning the hard way that motivations can be fleeting, but true commitment never ends. It’s the reason every piece of Ten Thousand gear is designed to help you push harder and dig deeper than the day before. Every day faster, every day stronger, every day...Better than Yesterday.

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Adam Klink spent much of the last few months getting his mile below five minutes in preparation for the 5-500 challenge. Now, he’s coaching three athletes to improve their mile time and gives us the tools to ensure that we’re ready to tackle this deceptively simple challenge.

While we’ve spent the past few months focusing on physical feats and mental strength, it’s time to turn to the linchpin of both of those.

As athletes, our focus often lies primarily in improving our physical strength. However, solely building up our athletic capabilities is useless if we aren’t also training the mental support system that allows us to reach our physical peak.

The Kettlebell swing is an incredibly effective workout. With a single tool, you can improve upper body power, glute strength, core strength and grip. This month, join Thosh Collins as he gears you up with the tools and workouts you need to complete 10,000 kettlebell swings over the next 20 days.

While the intensity of this physical challenge is unrivaled, Chris’ decision to pursue it is not based on some random whim, but instead is founded in his desire to honor the spirit of the man Murph is named for: Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy.

The way we see it, you have two options during these unprecedented times - to be driven by fear and uncertainty or adapt and overcome.⁠

We'll arm you with the tools that’ll help you move weight – including your own bodyweight – more quickly, efficiently and effectively. By the end of the month, you’ll be a more versatile and explosive athlete, tackling all your workouts with new speed and power.

Mastering the pull-up is a demonstration of pure upper-body pulling strength. Body weight movements are more functional and require multiple muscle groups to fire simultaneously. When completing a pull-up, your body works like a fine-tuned orchestra with the right muscles activating at the right time.

The deadlift is the king of the lift. It's such a fantastic movement because of how many muscles it trains at once. Not only does it work your prime movers (namely your glutes, hamstrings, and lats), but it also works your synergists and stabilizers (everything from your obliques to your quads to your traps).