CØ4 Featherweight Shirt


Made with an innovative micro-ventilation fabric that is breathable and lightweight - designed to keep you cool and comfortable without ever getting in the way.

Why we made this

We’re constantly Field Testing new fabrics that will change the game. Meet our latest CØNCEPT, the CØ4 Featherweight Shirt. Designed with innovative micro-ventilation technology, it’s built to provide maximum airflow while staying snag-free no matter how hard you push.

Features + Tech specs

  • Featherweight 120GSM fabric
  • Micro-ventilation tech for the ultimate breathability
  • Permanent silver ion anti-odor treatment
  • Minimalist, no-bulk construction
  • Anti-chafe seams
  • 94% Polyester / 6% Spandex

Shipping, Returns & Guarantee

  • Free shipping on orders over $150
  • 90 Day Return Policy
  • Lifetime Guarantee

CØ4 Featherweight Shirt

High Speed, Low Drag

The minimalist, no-bulk design was made for movement — streamlined down to the last stitch to prevent clinging and snags.

CØ4 Featherweight Shirt

Lighter Than Air

Lightweight while still feeling substantial, the innovative featherweight design is the next best thing to wearing nothing.

CØ4 Featherweight Shirt

Micro-Vents, Max-Breathability

Made with a micro-ventilation construction that provides maximum airflow so you can cool down quickly and more efficiently.

CØ4 Featherweight Shirt

Minimal, No-Bulk Design

Built with anti-chafe seams and no-cling fabric to ensure your shirt is never what holds you back from finishing your next set.

R + D

CØNCEPT is rooted in progression. It’s a range of gear that pushes the bounds of performance and style. The products in the CØNCEPT range live on a spectrum — from everyday wear to technically innovative training gear — but at the core they all share the same performance DNA as our mainline product. We invite you to get in early on these new designs, put them to the test, and give us your unfiltered feedback.