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At Ten Thousand, we believe in the pursuit of constant improvement, trying new modalities, a commitment to relentless experimentation, and a desire to lean into the discomfort. Our Cash For Class deal is the epitome of this mindset. While everybody lets themselves slip over the next few weeks, use your $20 to try a new class or new equipment, get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and stay ahead of the pack. This is our biggest sale of the year, so don’t miss out.

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With Grant McCartney

We asked Ten Thousand athlete and 12-time American Ninja Warrior Grant McCartney to get out of his comfort zone by training with some of the most serious men in the country.

The Ultimate Amphibious Workout

Don Tran lives at the intersection of water and land. As a former Marine Raider and Water Survival Instructor, he’s endured brutal aquatic workouts and developed water training methods for other Marines that build up their water confidence, physiological performance, and mental toughness. Now, as a Co-Founder and Master Trainer at Deep End Fitness, Don designs, orchestrates and leads intense athletic training workouts for athletes ranging from MMA fighters to Olympic swimmers. After a near-drowning experience, though, Grant has never felt fully comfortable in the water. That’s exactly why we asked him to train with Don in a weighted swim and underwater workout – to get him outside his comfort zone with a workout that tested his ability to perform in an unfamiliar environment.

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Train With a Navy SEAL

As a former Navy SEAL, Kaj Larsen has done everything from HALO jumping out of C-130s in the Middle East to executing combat dives on rebreathers under ships in the open ocean. To stay in the physical and mental shape needed to operate at the highest levels, Kaj has always had an unsparing approach to fitness – and his training remains heavily influenced by his background. For Grant, he programmed the ultimate tactical workout – one that embodied the combination of physical propess, precision, and accuracy that underlie SEAL training. With a five-mile ruck, multiple endurance sets designed to push Grant physically, and numerous weapon accuracy tests designed to test Grant’s control under pressure, Grant had to combine his raw physical strength with his ability to stay calm and focused under pressure.

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Train With The U.S. Marathon Record-Holder

Ryan Hall is no stranger to speed. As the fastest marathon runner in U.S. history and first U.S. runner to run a sub-one hour half marathon, Ryan is used to long – and high-intensity – runs. Grant is not a distance runner by training, but that didn’t stop Ryan from taking him to Flagstaff, AZ – the exact place that the world’s best distance runners come to train. Starting with ten 30 second hill sprints at a 6% grade and 7,000 feet of elevation before jumping into a high-altitude 10K and intense lower body strength workout, Ryan pushed Grant in speed work, distance work, and everything in between – and burned Grant out in the process.

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Train With a
Jiu-Jitsu Master

Clark Gracie is a renowned name in the BJJ world. As a member of the founding family of the legendary Gracie Training Academy, 3x world champion, and PanAm champion, Clark has spent his entire life at the highest levels of the BJJ world. On the other hand, Grant had never even trained BJJ before. Clark’s goal was simple: to throw Grant into the sport headfirst and force him to get comfortable being uncomfortable in a completely new modality. Clark took Grant through technique before putting him on the mat – and Grant was forced to hold his own in a modality he’d previously underestimated.

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What is Cash for Class?

This weekend, save $20 off your purchase of $50 or more, now through November 29th, 2021, 11:59 pm PST. The discount is applied automatically at checkout and is not valid on previous purchases or gift cards. Contact for more details!

How long are the deals valid?

Cash For Class and kit deals will run November 24th through 11:59pm PST on November 29th. 

How do I get Cash for Class?

A discount of $20 will automatically be applied to every order over $50. 

Why does each item on my order receive a discount?

In order for us to apply the $20 discount across your entire order, each item is discounted by an amount that may be lower than $20, but the total discount on your items will be $20.

Will I receive $20 off every order I place?

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Can I still get Cash for Class when using a discount code?

Yes. Most discount codes should still be eligible for purchases.

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Yes, you will receive Cash For Class on your "Editions" order, and other discount codes will be valid as well.